Our story...

Inferno Design and Advertising was formed by Jeff Croot to create a business that was able to cover all aspects of design and web development. We always work closely with our clients to build on-going relationships - we like our clients to feel comfortable picking up the phone and talking directly with who is actually doing their work because at the end of the day, communication is what makes a successful project.


Working alongside Jeff is Elijah Lamont, who brings an Arts Degree to the mix. Eli's strengths lie in illustration work, and his creative thought process is a great compliment to Jeff's print background.


Alita Greening is our administration manager, taking care of the paperwork side of things.


Essentially we are designers. But along with our design skills what we also offer is experience, creativity and commitment to a project from start to finish and beyond. Working in the Whanganui region for over 9 years has allowed us to understand what works for local clients who are both large and small. Our print design and creative background allows us to use our artwork creating skills to produce work that not only looks and feels like the concept but also communicates the message it’s created for and stands out.


To us, design is not just something we do, it’s something that we enjoy and is very much a part of who we are.


At Inferno, you get good design, every time.

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